Dillin Hoox was born in Mahabad, Kurdistan, midway through the horrific Iran-Iraq war where his family barely avoided Saddam Hussein’s chemical attacks against his people. In the first few years of his life, Hoox’s family immigrated to Canada, leaving behind a hostile and oppressive environment and uncertain future. After moving from coast-to-coast, living in both Halifax and Vancouver, his family settled in Ottawa – the capital city he proudly represents today. In Ottawa, he earned his BA in Psychology from Carleton University.

Born into a family of poets, Hoox has a natural ability to paint a picture with words; expressing his thoughts and piecing together his emotions through his lyrics. As a young artist, he is determined, inspired, witty, and well-spoken. Through music, Hoox showcases his inner-thoughts regarding the struggles of Kurdistan and the plight of the Kurdish people.

Hoox began expanding the reach of his message through live performances, including a small multi-city tour in Romania. He has also made various television appearances, including Global TV’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ segment that featured HipHopCanada founder Jesse Plunkett, RapCity, MuchVibe and a segment on Jupiter TV. Online, he has been featured on WorldStarHipHop, HipHopDX, Ballerstatus, HipHopGame, HipHopCanada, and various other reputable websites. With only a small catalogue of officially released music, Hoox has gained over 1,000,000 video views on YouTube, not to mention impressions received from other video outlets including Facebook and Dailymotion. Among his most popular songs is a large quantity of fan-made videos.

More recently, Hoox and Kurdish superstar Chopy Fatah collaborated on a song released by VinTV, a Kurdish major entertainment label. The song has gained global traction for its originality and resonated widely across the Kurdish region. In North America, Hoox caught the attention of one the most popular hip-hop artists of all-time when he earned the number 1 spot on Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat web series. The song also aired on Snoop’s GGN network during the Doggfather’s interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel. The rap star and TV host later promoted Hoox’s music on Twitter and Facebook.

As an entrepreneur, Hoox is the co-owner of Modern Producers and multi-platinum production company: Anno Domini Beats. He is also the founder of CountryOnMyBack.com, a site that promotes and brings awareness to underground talent.





Dillin Hoox

Dillin Hoox